Friday, February 27, 2009


Kaunda has a fantastic, nuanced blog post responding to my attack on Blair and religious politicians.

Unfortunately he notes he's glad that I didn't enable a comment he made here on Composing. But, in fact, I had enabled it, I was just late.

After reading his post, I got rid of it, of course. But Kaunda shouldn't have worried. There was little wrong.

Personally, I think Goodwin's Law is abused almost as much as the word fascist. Sure, accusations of Nazism and fascism are often rhetorical flourishes signifying little other than dislike. Over-use can be called out as lame or exagerated. But you shouldn't get hung-up on the occasional rhetorical misfire.

If you want to know what Kaunda really thinks, go read his post.

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John Powers said...

Thank you for this, and thank you for going ahead and removing the comment. I get a little unhinged when I start to think about the Christian right in the USA. Something you've taught me by example is when I come across some nuttiness in my thinking, it's a good idea to figure where my blind spots are.

Chris Hedges a former NYT war reporter and hold a Masters of Divinity. Hedges has covered this difficult area of Christianity and far-right politics. That link is to a piece at Theocracy Watch, which is a really good Web site IMHO. The Web site intro suggests taking it slow because the information can be overwhelming. That's good advice, but it is worth taking it because it's crucially important to have some idea about the intersection of religion and far-right politics in the USA. It's not a marginal influence.