Tuesday, February 03, 2009

John Robb is clearly working up some righteous indignation today. Good stuff!

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John Powers said...

The NYT piece Robb points to isn't the only place I've seen Wall Street Rulers of the World making the case they're not guilty of anything because everyone participated in this mess. Robb reframes that by point out there were winners and losers involved.

In a recent New Yorker is a review of Liaquat Ahmed's "Lords of Finance" by John Lanchester. The piece ends with the Depression era governor of the Bank of England saying: "nothing that I did, and very little that old Ben did [US Fed Chair] internationally produced any good effect--or indeed any effect at all except that we collected money from a lot of poor devils and gave it over to the four winds."

If nothing else, I think people should be mindful of the degree of confidence we allow for: "They'll figure out something."