Friday, January 11, 2008

Great! So having spent their time in office and power (last 8 to 10 years) supporting the Israeli occupation, Blair and Bush, once they're gone (or going and effectively powerless), bother to actually go to Israel and have a look at the situation and end up calling for Israel to withdraw as part of a deal.

In other words they play the same corrupt logic of every politician who gets into this.

They accept the validity of Palestinian claim to statehood, yet somehow want to postpone it as a bargaining chip to use against those Palestinian political factions who are anti-Israel.

That is what keeps the whole thing in motion. If "the middle-eastern problem" is ever to be solved it's this logic that needs to be broken. There may or may not be a justified Palestinian claim to a separate state. But whether there is or not, it is not somehow conditional on Palestinians behaving themselves.

To treat the issue like that is identical to collectively punishing the whole Palestinian population for the behaviour of the actively anti-israeli sub-population.

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Scribe said...

For some reason, I'm reminded of the flaw in GDP - that profit is made when things go wrong. War = profit, therefore war is good. There is more to gain from having a *dynamic* system - with continuous "potential energy" in circulation - than there is from a stable, resolved system.

Stability is no good for generation, for progress. Hence, to create progress, one must first create instability.

Blair and Bush wouldn't have much political credit at all if they couldn't have a righteous opinion on the world's problems.