Friday, January 11, 2008

Catching up with some posts. So here are a couple of new year's resolutions

1) I will get more into Brazilian music. (Instead of only seeking out the quirky un-Brazilian sounding stuff I hear here, I want to actually listen to what everyone says is great (bossa nova, classic samba, MPB etc.)

2) I'm going to get more into making things not just programs. Some electronics (not surprising given my ubicomp obsession) but also natural, low tech. materials. (Particularly wood and glass.)

3) I'm going to get out more ... 2006 was a good year for doing exercise and starting to worry about my physical condition. 2007 I did a lot of backsliding. Mainly because of new, time-greedy day-job. 2008 ... let's try to get back to 2006 levels and away from computer more.

4) er. ... but I will release GeekWeaver ... the real one which supports recursion and stuff. And a new OPTIMAES (will talk more about this soon) and sequels to SdiDesk and Gbloink! (See SmartDisorganized for more about my programming projects)

5) I will finally study and understand Monads (probably in Haskell)

... to be continued.

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John Powers said...

I love YouTube for music. There are several good videos of Joao Gilberto and Caetano Veloso up. One obvious way to discover more is to check the other videos people have added when you find one you like. Clearly you know how to search better than I, but Joao Gilberto and Os Mutantes are great places to start at YouTube.

Let others know your favorites! I'm Afrowig there. Have you seen Mixx a Facebook application which might be a great way to discover music?