Friday, July 20, 2007

Is it just me is there a YASNS surge going on at the moment? Yeah, I got sucked into Facebook and discovered Victoria Real, the Musical

While the Runtimers seem to be more LinkedIn kind of people. And Bebo (I hasten to add I am never going to have a MySpace account or contribute even a (whatever-the-smallest-unit-of-attention-is) to a Rupert Murdoch-owned property) has kindly given me a place to upload all my old musical meanderings. (It's time to stop pretending music comes from "bands" and people anointed by some military-dionysian complex, and recognise that heretoforthwith it's nothing but part of that glorious woven matrix known as "people messing about")

Meanwhile, I am so out of supply-chain management for the next few weeks, and so into trying to get the Wittgenstein Symposium to think seriously about right-wing flying-saucer conspiracies ... but really what I'll be ranting about if I come round your house is spimes and a daemonology where getting anything done (and I mean any-"thing") requires the blessing or patronage of the great lords Google and Yahoo and SkyPal. And where all the world is written in magic books, only by those who understand the arcane APIs of supplication.

I guess that's not so out of supply-chain management at all ... spimes get created as and where needed, except when they are mere imminences, addresses encoded into an Arphid that link to a design on some server. Are you really going to track their flickering trajectories in the cloud-chamber of psycho-history with good old-fashioned ERP? I think not, it's the great search engines and social networks that are going to reach out and embrace them : your shopping is coming by RSS ... if you say your prayers right and have been a good boy or girl.

And where the fuck is GeekWeaver? Not ready ... :-(


John Powers said...

I'm enjoying listening to your compositions Phil. Thanks for sharing them.

Lovely to to hear an edge of excitement in this posts and I love your expression: "that glorious woven matrix known as "people messing about" I'm sure I'll find myself repeating it, "as Phil Jones says..."

Not on topic, more of a topic for Platform Wars, I think Zonbutakes software-as-a-service and runs with it. However Zonbu runs Linux, so I guess it's not really on point as far as your envisioning of MS moving in that direction.

PC makers aren't very enthusiastic about Vista. The solution in that article seems to be that MS will have to force people to adopt Vista by restricting XP. But I wonder if some version of XP might be useful for if Ms and the PC makers entered into a Zonbu-like model?

Composing said...

Wow! That criticism of Vista is big. If I was MS I'd be seriously worried.

I think Windows has got an incredible lock-in. But PC manufacturers share a lot of the blame for that. If they got behind a Linux alternative, it would ultimately be very good for them. I wonder if this is the beginning of that rebellion.

Zonbu looks nice, and yep, subscription to software upgrades looks suspiciously like another move towards a service model. MS will move towards a service model because they have to ... everyone else is going in that direction and they can't resist.

But it goes against their nature. They'll fight every step of the way, even if that's the end of them.