Thursday, March 23, 2006

Well, that's not a bad photo actually.

Me in full lecture mode.

Eufrasio is being way too kind : What a wonderful lecture on Web 2.0

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John Powers said...

As a proud uncle it's funny to notice the difference photographing nieces and nephews. From an early age most girls seem to understand that stricking a pose can make for a better picture, so they do. Boys frown or run away from the camera --not always;-)

Anyway it's plain you're camera shy. But it's worth considering getting a good headshot made. LOL all of your artists friends can help with that I suspect.

I'm always puzzled when I see someone very significant in the news with a terrible picture. You have a public persona and people will want a photograph when they write about you. A good headshot is not so much about "selling" yourself but a precaution against prejudice.