Monday, August 15, 2005

ThoughtStorms is shut!

I dunno. I just got kind of tired of seeing nothing but spam and spam rollbacks (thanks as always RichardP) while I was away in the UK. Haven't turned against publicly writable wiki. But, I'm just a bit stale. Will open it in a bit when I think the spammers have lost interest. If you have a burning desire to contribute, complain in the blogger comments here.

Meanwhile, thankfully the Friday evening lectures last week got cancelled, so first lecture of the semester : "advanced programming" starts in about 3 hours.

Finished recording my first podcast on Saturday. My God! I make a horrible clicking noise with my mouth when I'm deciding what to say. Spent about an hour editing all these out. Ums and ers, I don't mind - although there's a frighteningly large number of them - but these were just nausiating.

Now thinking about how I'm going to create the RSS feed and accompanying HTML page. Tempted to use Dave Winer's new OPML editor which I'm sure must be optimised to produce lists of podcasts. Just need to read the documentation ...

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