Thursday, August 11, 2005

I'm baaack!!

Just back in Brasilia from a month where I did a lot of catching up, hanging out with, and talking with friends, mainly in Brighton but some other places. The upshot is I'm kind of fizzing and overloaded with ideas and stuff I want to do. Which is dangerous because I have to get down and prepare for a heavy teaching load from tomorrow.

Nevertheless, had some great and inspiring chats and I hope to say something about some of these things soon. Meanwhile thanks to Aharon, Ben, Berkan, Daniel, Darius, Graham, John, Oli, Ron, Rup3rt and, of course, my mother. Sorry to Steve, Adrian and everyone that I didn't manage to catch up with.

Large themes (beyond the fact that London got bombed the day I arrived and the UK government has lost the plot) :

Podcasting is big. Ron has already dived in with Aural Contraception which starts with recordings from the ThoughtStormz mini "symposium" we held on geek and audio tools, and is now going on to discuss Time Tourism. Major big-up to Ron for doing recording and getting this symposium mp3ified and hosted. Thanks to Berkan for hosting it and putting me up, too.

Rup3rt has some recordings on his blog. I am definitely starting soon (at the weekend phil, NOT before preparing your first lessons for tomorrow night! - super-ego) I have some music I wanna play ya and probably a lot of explaining to do.

Second theme, Optimaes is coming back. Excitement in my inbox this morning, Matthias Fischmann is thinking of using it to model reputation economics. Meanwhile Darius and I have been talking about some more simulations of collective action problems which will almost certainly start with the code. Once I've got into the teaching, I'll be getting into this.

Aaarghhh. Stop this. Back to work

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