Monday, October 11, 2004

This BBC story : George W Bush's campaign is running a new attack ad against the White House challenger, John Kerry.

The TV commercial accuses Mr Kerry of failing to understand the threat posed by terrorists around the world.


Correspondents say that Mr Bush, who has called himself a "war president" and part of whose re-election campaign urges voters not to switch leaders while the country remains at war, paints the struggle against militants as a long-term battle that has defined his presidency.

The script for the new ad accuses Mr Kerry of changing his mind on how best to defeat terrorism, and interprets his comments as equating the war on terror to prostitution.


Reminds me of Greg Palast's comment : They don't give a shit about popular support. Bush is running on fear. He's the fear candidate. He's the "you better get scared cuz those guys with the towels on their heads, they're coming to git you" candidate. People have to understand what the game is: pump the fear. His daddy created Osama bin Laden, who came back for us. His daddy created Saddam. And now he's creating Musharraf and all the other crazy bastards, and it's going to be a very fucking dangerous world. They're going to make it so goddamn dangerous that then they'll turn around and say, see, you need us. They're selling fear. That's their commodity.

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