Thursday, October 07, 2004

Brasilia, Cult capital of the world

Oh yeah! It's absolutely true. Brasilia really is new age capital of at least Brazil. We have new age breakfast TV on the local channel on Saturday mornings, we have shops where you can buy spells, everybody I meet believes in astrology (not that Brighton didn't have a lot of this stuff too of course)

Down the road we have a Rosicrucian church and reading room. The other thing is, that this is a big crystal mining area. All those local crystal objects tourists buy at the airport and various hippy fairs, they come from this region.

The big destination for getting away from it all, Alto Paraiso, is a totally new age colony where they have an "airport" where you can go and wait for Flying Saucers (which are meant to be common). All the pousadas seem to be run by Trancendental Meditationists. At sun-set everyne goes up the hill (And some of them climb the TV tower) to watch sun go down accompanied by a guy in saffron robes playing a didgeridoo.

OTOH, remember this is a society of civil servants, in some cases, third generation civil servants. I think this has to be taken into account ...

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