Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Momus Album

I can't decide if Momus is just getting more productive or if I'm slowing down in keeping up, as it were.

But there already seems to be a new Momus album out on YouTube.

As always, it's a mixed bunch. But some tracks I'm already liking very much.

The GhostBoxish Bathyscaphe  :

System of Usher :

The Brutalist :

Catholic App is a classic Momus twisted take, satirising the end of privacy.

I probably disapprove of Unreconstructed (after unwrapping its layers of irony) but it's musically and lyrically clever.

Spore is a salacious zero-g love-song with a luscious tune.

If Thunderclown was anything to go by, I'll probably get into the rest after a couple of listens too. Even at his most antipathic or discordantly "experimental"  Momus's songs are always wriggling with little earworms.

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