Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is absolutely awesome if true.

Palantir appologise to Glenn Greenwald for any part they've played in trying to attack him and liberal journalists who support Wikileaks.

Curioser and curioser.

Update : Greenwald does an excellent job in explaining what's at stake.


John Powers said...

LoL I have to chime in because in a way I imagine you take me seriously to some degree or another. I think this story is a really big deal.

Andy Greenberg thinks Anonymous could hurt WikiLeaks. His argument is when the public puts Anonymous and WikiLeaks in the same boat, the legality of WikiLeaks becomes murkier. Actually instead of "public" Greenberg uses the term "befudled mass." Count me among them!

Peter Thiel of Paypal and Facebook fame is one of the founders of Palantir. Theil is also one of the bankrollers of Andrew Breitbart who in turn has funded an odd series of "exposé" videos against ACORN, Planned Parenthood, news media, and an Agriculture Department director, Shirley Sherrod. Those videos in trun have been fodder for Fox News and other rightist media outlets.

Shoot! As part of the bufuddled mass, I can't get to the point. One point I'm trying to make is that Netocracy is in effect. Exclusive information is value. And many of the super rich oligarchs today are netocratic tycoons.

What's revealed is not how institutions like The Chamber of Commerce and B Of A are going after Anonymous and leakers in general, but rather after the news media on which the befuddled mass depends for information.

John Powers said...

Here's a long Forbes profile of Peter Theil. Clearly he's not joking when he says: "Freedom is incompatible with democracy." He seems a netocrat par excellence.

You've done a great job in looking at both the bright and dark sides of NetoCracy. I'm inclined to believe Dr. Alex Karp's apology to Greenwald as well as his affirmations of Liberal values. But I suspect that Peter Theil's values and the general direction Palantir is headed is better understood from a perspective of NetoCracy rather than from a neoliberal or liberal perspective.