Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shock doctrine.


John Powers said...

Reading Mark Thoma Paul Krugman: British Fashion Victims to which commenter Davis X. Machin responded:

"I don't think Krugman adequately addresses the massive increases in virtue and righteousness that will flow from the Osborne budget."

phil jones said...

If only it was a "fad" (as in, piece of unthinking ineptness). Unfortunately it's a full on, orchestrated move to "roll back the state".

John Powers said...

What got me to post that quote was the "virtue and righteousness" bit. November elections are upcoming and the saturation of election propaganda is unbelievable.

Today I was at a funeral home and told the elderly mother of a friend I thought one of the candidates for our state Governor is a thin-skinned prick.

I've got to improve the quality of my political discourse.