Sunday, July 25, 2010

Here's a pretty terrible recording, of something I think is one of my better tracks. It's another from the vaults of about 15 years ago. Kind of dirgey (surprise surprise), but sensuously slinky too if you catch the vibe.

StripSearch by Mentufacturer


John Powers said...

I like it.

The recording doesn't seem terrible to me. Maybe that's because I still listen to cassettes. I don't think it's possible cassettes will ever have the appeal vinyl does, but listening to old tapes can be really fun--especially hearing mix tapes outdoors where the hiss disappears among ambient noise.

Composing said...


Surely you've seen how trendy cassettes are with "the kids" these days? Seems like everyone has bags, t-shirts, belt-buckles in tape form.

You could be onto something with tape being out-door format. I hadn't thought of that.