Friday, June 18, 2010

Simon Reynolds links a Oneohtrix Point Never mix.

Starting to listen to it now, and seems like it's gonna be pretty fun. Of course if Oneohtrix is checking Harold Faltermeyer(!!!) then clearly my concern that Dam Funk could lead me into Paul Hardcastle b-sides, is not so far off the mark.

That's the sound of the summer? Paleo-synth-funk?

Update : Noooo! I can NOT and will not accept Rush. Hypnagogic Pop is not for me if they're going to start doing this. I'll live with Cleaners from Venus because it's lyrically clever and emotional. But really, OPN should have just skipped the whole "random song" thing and gone straight to Autechre. As it is, a great mix, totally ruined by that *!**£"$"%.

I mean, WTF is it? It's impossible to like seriously. And impossible to like ironically. It's just a kind of lump of primal uninterestingness. A kind of vacuum of taste or curiosity or ambition. The sound of people for who music isn't an end but merely a means to something else, something utterly dull.

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