Monday, October 26, 2009

Gary Younge :

For there is a difference between class envy and class struggle. The former is rooted in the popular antipathy towards the rich on account of their wealth; the latter, meanwhile, targets the system that makes some people rich by making others poor. Envy can lead to struggle. But it doesn't have to.

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John Powers said...

As an American I can't figure our what's going on in the USA! Class envy, it seems, is manipulated to divide rather than instill class consciousness. In the southern USA there are many "Right to Work" states, which is the way of saying anti-union states. What amazes me is how effective such rhetoric and law are in making southern manufacturing workers think that somehow workers in the rest of the country are different.

Slightly OT Numerian's piece Cupidity and Stupidity Both Run Rampant on Wall Street at The Agonist provides a great explantion of how the bonus expectations came to be.