Saturday, September 26, 2009

Disobey Your Orders

Powerful video from the current G20 protests in Pittsburgh.

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John Powers said...

In October Harpers there's an excerpt from a forthcoming book by Zisek--worth reading but think it's behind a wall. Here's a snippet I liked:

"Immanuel Kant countered the conservative motto "Don't think, obey!" not with "Don't obey, think!" but rather "Obey,but think!" When we are transfixed by something like the bailout, we should bear in mind that since it is actually a form of blackmail, we must resist the populist temptation to act out our anger and thus wound ourselves. Instead of such impotent acting-out, we should control our fury and transform it into an icy determination to think--to think things through in a really radical way, and to ask what kind of a society renders such blackmail possible."

Pittsburgh is a small city, insular even. G20 has prompted some hard thinking.