Saturday, August 15, 2009

Zby has a great idea. If you fix bugs in big open-source projects, can't you get some reputation / whuffie in a physical format (eg. a letter that you can take to a job interview.)

Of course, if you're interviewing at a decent company, and you have some visibility within an open-source community, you should be able to point them at it anyway. But this could be useful for cases where your contributions are valuable but obscure and the potential employer not so clued-in.

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John Powers said...

Mashing up Zby's idea--sort of--with a point in Tim O'Reilly's talk, I'd like to see measures of whuffie more generally shown.

Ned is a small social network and has a point reputation system. Facebook has up or down buttons, Websites all over have features where users can provide feedback in a simple point system about content we make. It's a proliferation of micro currencies.

I have no idea about the feasibility of it. But what if there was an application which had our subscribed sites listed and a feed to collect feedback points as well as produced a raw tally of total points?

I suspect that a visible measure of our participation would have some consequence.

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