Thursday, March 05, 2009

Scribe :

How about, instead of getting people not to do bad stuff, realising for a change that we could get people to do good stuff by, well, doing it ourselves?

In other (person's) words, "We must become the change we want to see in the world." Rather than focusing on the censorship of alcohol adverts, why not show more examples of people we respect doing things we wouldn't otherwise do?


Scribe said...

Sudden thought: Instructables is a nice template. What if it was applied to "projects" or skills that took 10+ years to learn? i.e. a "step by step" guide that sketched out experience.

Composing said...

Yeah. Long Now Instructables. That would be very interesting.

Tom "Mel" Maillioux said...

Actually, people have been using the Instructables for skills or projects that take a loooong time to develop/acquire - but the main focus is not very often put on the long period of time needed to complete the task. A good example would be

What would Long Now Instructables require ? I'd think a "time-flow" element, a chronology of sorts to help scale the deployment/studying of the projects/skills would be a must - thoughts ?