Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My first poll on Composing : Is Phil too cynical?

Results : Yes : 3, No : 7

30% of you find me too cynical. If I'd have voted, I'd have voted that way too. Thanks to all the others who saw my good parts, but I think I'm going to tone it down.

Not totally, of course. There are times when cynicism is the best response. ;-)


zby said...

Before you decide on your new course make another poll with the opposite question - "is Phil too little cynical?".

John Powers said...

I voted not too cynical. I answered proceeding from the notion of cynical as being too negative. But of course there's the idea of cynics that virtue is the highest good and you seem to me a very virtuous person;-)

What keeps me checking in on your writings is how consistently you offer ideas for positive approaches to challenges.

Zby's turn about question would be hard because I think I'd answer that with "yes" and that makes me too cynical!