Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jean-Francois Nobel is organizing a The Future of Money conference in Mexico City.


John Powers said...

I wonder, did you receive the5 million dollars would really help email?

LOL well I did and was a bit bemused by it. I'm not sure why, except of course not having any money for the cause. Also, I guess, a feeling that I'm not part of a vanguard but in the lumpentariat.

Anyhow, people can follow The Transitioner via Twitter. I find the idea a swarm money pretty interesting.

Erg, sorry I tend to blather, but I wanted to link to Keith Hart's wonderful Web site Memory Bank. That link gets you to the site via a recent post "Economic revolutions are always montetary." Hart writes:

"People want to integrate division, to make some meaningful connection between their own subjectivity and society as an object. It helps that money, as well as being the means of separating public and domestic life, was always the main bridge between the two. That is why money must be central to any attempt to humanize society. It is both the principal source of our vulnerability in society and the main practical symbol allowing each of us to make an impersonal world meaningful."

In this age of the Internet I want a bridge to the whole world. So while I'm enormously interested in local money, and John Robb has a post up on Slow Money, I"m also very keen to be able to exchange across regional and national boundaries.

Oh a final link to an extended teaser for a film The Money Fix.

Last of all I enjoy listening to your Last.FM station. Thanks for sharing.

John Powers said...

Opps, I really am Lumpen...Lupenproletariat that is ;-)