Thursday, October 23, 2008

Something I've been thinking about for a while, as a way to sell the Unfinished : an Unfinished Market

Maybe this is an example.

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John Powers said...

Probably not on topic for either post, but this comment is inspired by this post and your recent post at Platform Wars responding to Andre Keen.

Via Timbuktu Chronicles I read a Wired story on open source hardware.

I was particularly interested in the ideas about how to make money with open source hardware. The Arduino microcontroller is highlighted in the story. Arduino is quoted as saying: "I think there's a fine line," he says, sighing, "between open source and stupidity." And that Arduino has discovered there's a side that's not stupid is quite revealing.

Your posts on netocracy really help to understand the business plans that might emerge around open hardware enterprises. It's all very exciting but your cautionary posts about the dark side of netocracy are revealing too.

I like how you frame this post--always glad to be pointed to your ThoughtStorms. I think SomeRightReserved is an example of a way to sell the unfinished. I also think the consequences of this emerging model are enormous.