Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Black is the new ... huh????!!!!

Don't worry, just playing here ... blahsploitation is in transition ... but this isn't what's coming next ... still have to work that out ...

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John Powers said...

For some reason I was thinking about old hippies tonight. And noticed that Paul Krassner at The Huffington Post has a mini interview up with R. U. Sirius (a.k.a. Ken Goffman).

Goffman notes that in the era of three television channels the counter-culture was pretty obvious, but now identity is much more diverse. But he notes:

"However, the Bush Administration has been so distressing that people seem to be setting aside some of their differences. Increasingly, subculture as a source of an identity that needs to be exclusive to remain hip is giving way to a desire among lots of different people to preserve the right to non-conform and dissent."

Why I mention it here is because of the Ning social network MondoGlobo. I also noted his Question Authority Proposal links to MySpace and not FaceBook.

Who knows whether Goffman's vision for Open Source Party will attract much attention? But it's really reassuring that the MySpace page with the Question Authority Proposal says 10 Zen Monkeys has 965 billion friends.

Using social networks to advocate for the right to non-conform and dissent has implications for politics as we knew it.