Friday, October 05, 2007

Damn! After just one day, I'm seriously close to throwing all my free-software principles out of the window and buying Enso.

It's that good!

I've started putting work stuff on it on my machine at work ... and I have a horrible feeling I'm going to be dependent by the time the free trial is over. Going back to ordinary Windows is going to be traumatic.

Anyway, I want these guys to get rich so other people get inspired to copy them and all software works like this. And so that they get round to releasing the Python scriptable extension.


zby said...

Ah - that's Aza Raskin continuing his father work. I hope they'll open their source code at some point - the early prototypes were open source.

John Powers said...

I so appreciate your online presence! The Web as a big echo chamber never seems right to me. What I find more often than not that the Web allows us to discover conscilience. It's the multiple perspectives which are most valuable.

Throwing out all your free-software principles? I don't know, there seems more than a quantitative difference between Enso and costly software.

Principles are good, but everything is still in creation and not set hard. Enzo is a far cry from conventional proprietary models.