Saturday, May 13, 2006

Three must-reads. :


John Powers said...

I must have some personality flaw that compels me to leave a comment when nobody has.

Mike Davis observes that military planners have a handle on the new urban landscape. There's a low-level movement in the USA to establish a Department of Peace. The idea has appeal to me and Davis's observations about military planners drive home the point how pragmatic such an agency might be.

In the second interview with Tom Engelhardt, Engelhardt says:

"[Y]our work always has an element of use and of hope in it. After all, if it's a human contribution, it's also obviously something that we could humanly avoid or deal with differently."

Davis's response is full of nuance and my impulse to find the bright spot is contra his drive to find the facts and base them. But here's the bright spot as I see it in what Davis says:

"The city is our ark in which we might survive the environmental turmoil of the next century."

Tom Dispatch is wonderful, it's wonderful to see the dispatches in my email; sadly I'm slow in keeping up reading them. Thanks for this post and the link to the article at the New Left Review. "Planet of the Slums" is a "must read" as you say.

david mathers said...

Fourth must read: