Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jonathan Schwartz (the new head of Sun) was in Brasilia a couple of weeks ago.

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John Powers said...

I hope you had a great time traveling. Samba! It's great to see your posts again.

Schwartz's "Brazilian effect" made me smile: "the total disruption of your speech by a contingent of flag waving (and wearing) Brazilians."

I'd never seen his blog before, residing on the wrong side of the digital tracks as I do. What a difference it makes to my impression of Jonathan Schwartz from watching him interviewed on a business show on TV tonight along with Scott McNealy.

I don't get it, that is the implications of what Schwartz calls "The Participation Age." Still getting around to "getting it" is quite fun. And I see now that Schwartz seem to come off poorly interviewed on TV in no small part because the interviewer doesn't get it.

What "it" is is a moving target, but it's pretty cool to see that McNealy and Schwartz do think in planetary terms.

Some of the scoffing about Sun comes from a provencial perspective that's pretty ingrained here in the USA. Business plans with national blinders seems to be what an awful lot expect. I don't expect such plans will pan out.

One question of McNealy was why isn't he leaving with Schwartz's promotion. McNealy said he'd leave anytime Jonathan told him it would be in the best interest of the company. Nothing to really count on, but the vibe of them both with that line of questioning seemed to me to be: "Why should he leave? Were having a great time and expect it only to get better."