Sunday, January 08, 2006

Charles Kennedy aparently deposed by a coup in the Liberal Democrats. Aparently over a drinking problem.

Hard to know the details, but it wouldn't have stopped me voting for him at the next election. Shame they decided to do this.

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Scribe said...

I ain't convinced by the alcoholism line. I doubt it's a coincidence that it comes only a couple of weeks after Cameron gets made Tory head honcho, and then starts positioning the Tories to the *left* of Labour - even trying to woo Lib Dem MPs over to their side.

It's clear that the classic Lib Dem ground is the only direction the Tories can go in, and my guess is that the LD party is afraid their good progress will be eaten up by well-meaning voters who get sucked into the media-luvvin' spiel of Cameron.

Kennedy's leaving speech was rather good though, I thought. "Never mind about what other parties and the voting system want you to do, stick to yer guns" basically. Good on him, he shall be remembered.