Thursday, December 08, 2005

Stylus Magazine on Tati Quebra Barraco

Tati was one gig we went to this year. And, for good measure, our car was stolen while we were in the venue. Whether this reflects on her or her audience I can't tell. My revenge is I have her whole album on my web site for your pleasure ;-)

I've been winning people over to Baile Funk since before she was in the novela. My friend Ricardo is turning up every couple of months with new CDs he's blagged from his pupils. (In fact, now it's getting all middle-class and, if not respectable, at least something for bourgoise teens, I think I might have to ditch the whole genre.)

Update : Just found that "popozuda rock'n'roll" track on slsk. It's the BigBeatification of Bailefunk :-(

Still, the Edu K mashup of Baile and Reggaeton sounds interesting. I'll be checking it when it comes out. But remember I've already been playing with mixing Bailefunk with Reggaeton (and Bhangra, Crunk, Candombe and a bunch of other stuff). If you didn't download it yet, don't wait for the world catch up next year. Get it now. :-)

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