Friday, April 09, 2004

John Robb continues tracking the world of network / asymmetric warfare, the rise of non-state fighting networks (both "terrorist" and mercenary), amidst the decline of oil and the nation state.

Essential, fascinating, depressing reading.

More than 60% of corporations did not pay taxes between 1996-2000 (a period when corporate profitability was soaring). About 70% of foreign-owned companies reported that they didn't owe any taxes in the late 90's.

But more so than similar previous reports, the analysis suggests that dodging taxes, both legally and otherwise, has become deeply rooted in U.S. corporate culture.

This is a trend that will increase as we continue to globalize. Corporations are increasingly using globalization as a means to avoid paying any taxes to any government (for example: the transfer of trademarks and copyrights to international locations and charging the US corporation a deductable royalty for use of this intellectual property).


I also notice he's dropped the "no use being pessimistic" tag-line. Does this mean he's becoming pessimistic?

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