Sunday, March 28, 2004

Seb Paquet : Thought-provoking thesis and counter-argument on the amazing ThoughtStorms Wiki,

Seb's Open Research

Blush! :-)

He's commenting on ThoughtStorms:TheHilariousTragedy, which is suddenly getting a bit of attention. (Probably thanks to Seb.)

Oli who asks what's hilarious about it. Of course, the answer is not much, really. It's still the poor who are going to lose out in this divide. Because they don't have the time or cultural access to engage with free communities.

Gregor Rothfuss has a good comment on the point that we haven't seen so much free entertainment :

why is there no free entertainment when there is an abundance of free knowledge? i think knowledge accrues, while entertainment does not. entertainment atoms do not build upon each other in the same way that knowledge atoms do.

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